News: Nanjing Limingbio Ltd. was interviewed by Hong Kong media to introduce the production of novel coronavirus diagnostic reagents in China

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Chinese firms are scrambling to meet the global demand for coronavirus testing kits even as domestic demand dries up, but its manufacturing juggernaut cannot make enough...


Finbarr Bermingham, Sidney Leng and Echo Xie
As the horror of the coronavirus outbreak in China was unfolding over Janary’s Lunar New Year holiday, a group of technicians were holed up in a Nanjing facilty with a supply of instant noodles and a brief to develop testing kits for diagnosing the virus.
Already at that point, the coronavirus had ripped through the city of Wuhan and was spreading rapidly around China. A handful of diagnostic tests had been approved by central government, but hundreds of firms around the country were still scrambling to develop new ones.

"We have so many orders now ... are considering working 24 hours a day"


“I did not think about applying for approvals in China,”said Zhang Shuwen, of Nanjing Liming Bio-Products. “The application takes too much time. When I finally get the approvals, the outbreak might already be finished.”
Instead, Zhang and the company he founded are part of a legion of Chinese exporters selling test kits to the rest of the world as the pandemic spreads outside China, where the outbreak is now increasingly under control, leading to a fall in domestic demand.
In February, he applied to sell four testing products in the European Union, receiving CE accreditation in March, meaning they complied with EU health, safety and environmental standards.
Now, Zhang has an order book brimming with clients from Italy, Spain, Austria, Hungary, France, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and South Korea.
“We have so many orders now that we are working until 9pm, seven days a week. We are considering working 24 hours a day, asking workers to take three shifts every day,” Zhang said.



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